Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Yes, I am Ambitious

Note: As a teacher back then, I have always had the highest regard for my students and I persevered to match their ingenuity. I wrote this and lived by it until the very last day. 

I am a schoolteacher, and as expected of one such, I teach students on a daily basis. I have over 30 odd students in each class. I know the Prime Minister of Bhutan is sitting in my class; so do the lawyers, political leaders, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs… My students have a colourful future. 

Lit. Coord. at work

However, I must hasten to add that there is no bigger student than myself in my own class. I have missed the chance of becoming all those that my students have a prospect of, but that does not stifle my ambition anyway. Knowing I do not have a chance only fuels my ambition instead. I grow more and more ambitious day by day, and my only ambition is to become a better teacher every day. 

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