Tuesday, September 7, 2021

It's quite something to be teacher, and something else to be primary teacher

“If I couldn't have been an engineer, I would've been a teacher. Not a high school teacher, not a college teacher. A fifth-grade teacher. I specifically wanted to be a fifth-grade teacher ever since I was in fifth grade.

This was something I wanted to do since so early in life. Who knows where these things come from? Probably because my fourth- and fifth-grade teacher, Miss Skrak, was so good to me and I liked her so much. I felt she had helped me so much in life by encouraging me. And I believed, truly believed, that education was important.

My first batch of students

I remember my father telling me way back then that it was education that would lift me up to where I wanted to go in life, that it could lift people up in values. I remember how he said that the world was kind of screwed up at the time—there was the Cold War between the USSR and the United States and all that. And he said that with education, the newer generation could learn from the mistakes of their parents and do a better job.”

Excerpt From: Steve Wozniak & Gina Smith. “iWoz.” Apple Books.

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