Sunday, August 2, 2020

If you ask me

This weblog is 

            a ready parchment to my quill 

            a magic paper to my blot of ink 

            a whetstone to my little unused pen 

            a tiny space to the untried writer in me

This weblog is 

            a retreat to my untamed mind 

            a resting place to my racing thoughts 

            a soothing balm to my bruised heart 

            a puff of reinvigorating air to my weary lungs

This weblog is 

            a walk back to my past and a walk forward

            a gesture of forgiveness to my peccadilloes

            a promise of undying love to my late Apa and myself 

            a tinge of nerve to face my triumphs and tribulations

This weblog is 

            a pair of wings to the figments of my imagination

            a lamp to my genie and a genie to my lamp 

            a night bus ride to my Hogwarts reveries 

            a brief rendezvous with the Bard of Avon 

This weblog is 

            a lodestar to my sea of aimlessness 

            a string of laughter to light up my blues 

            a bead of tears to validate my human form

            a junkyard to my…. ah naw, not that 

This weblog also is 

            a reminder of life’s vagaries and vanities 

            its transitoriness and its brevity

            and about all that has and hasn’t been said above


A Slice of Goulburn