Photos are taken on a Huawei Phone and this collection is an ongoing project. My photography inspiration essentially centres on landscapes, clouds and skies, monuments, waters, and wilderness. 

In silent acquiescence, she whispered her last. 

There's an imperfection in the perfection; or perfection in the imperfection. 

In the deepest silences of my soul, I hear my heart utter Thy name. 

Prayers for the world peace. 

Riches lie in simplicity. 

Another bend in the road and you vanish. Poof!

Tempus fugit!

Focus, focus!

It too shall pass; the dark and the painful. 

Time to unwind and bust stress. 
NB: Not endorsing any drinks. Drink responsibly. 

Oh, what a life?!

Are we all not lifers of this beautiful world?!

'Sup, hodophiles???

The mountains, clouds, and rivers help pacify my mind. 


Replenish, Rebuild, and Reclaim. 

Roads never end for those who are consumed by wanderlust. 

Only a door away. 

Blossoms adorn nature's bosom. 

A surreptitious negotiation between the sun and the imminent dusk for some space. 

I submit to the summit, my mind, body, and soul. 

The welkin's blue countenance veiled by fluffy clouds. 

The ephemeral beauty. 

A dampened spirit is better than a dwindling hope. 

I like the cactus' attitude; it just doesn't give two hoots!

On a quest for 'clarity'. 

A flicker of hope. 

I bask and ask, "Why do I bask?"

60 secs of listening to the stream burble and I forget my pain and struggles. 

Evanescence to eternity?

Never let the world douse that flicker inside you. 

"All glories are fading."

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