Sunday, November 15, 2020

Down the college memory lane

As I look back, I do miss those halcyon college days. They were one of the best episodes of my life. The English lectures that I avidly looked forward to, some Primary Classes (which weren't of my interest) where all I did was pass perfunctory nods like all good students do for the love of teachers' efforts, the Nu 2-per-cup lemon tea I relished in the canteen after the class hours, the haa's and huu's I breathed out loud in the even Taekwondo club with Master Kezang Dawa, the college library I loved to be in because it was the only place where AirCon was installed, the football field where I greeted countless goals in my net (much to my mates' chagrin)--it's never so easy to be a goalkeeper, the last-minute adrenaline in having to complete a mountain of assignments, the hours I spent in Yongba's bar for a pint or two, the train dances I did with my friends in the once-in-a-month jam sessions, the late-night chantings and cheerings for Manchester United in the hostel TV hall, the crush that got crashed like it happens with most of the boys... and the list goes on (I'm only getting started).

College Marathon, 2010

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