Sunday, September 27, 2020

Thoughts on Life

Are you happy and satisfied with how far you have come in life? I reckon there's no right or wrong answer to that, but the point is, how often do you ask this question to yourself? Asking this question on a regular basis provides you with a fair tool to assess your progress in life thus far and prepares you for the next milestone you have it indelibly etched on your mind. Oh! yes, life should be progressive. It's true spiritually as well let alone a whole lot of other dimensions. ⁣

As you were growing, you were constantly told, "Study hard and get good grades, so that you could go to college, so that you could land a decent job, so that you could start a family and provide for them, so that you have a good life later on living off your pension!" Is that all? The world gives you this old advice out of habit, I surmise.⁣

First off, let's face it, our educational system is pretty antiquated in almost every sense. It hasn't improved a bit ever since the industrial revolution. While attempts have been made to make education more relevant today, it still has a lot of homework to do. However, it's not that education is absolutely useless and unnecessary. It's needed for sure, but what's more exigent (and not taught in schools) is financial literacy. If you know the nuts and bolts of that, you can practically win over your financial miseries, and that, in turn, will enable you to retire early. Why work all your life and live in a wheelchair, post-work?! You alone can change that! ⁣

So it comes down to: why this? But, why not? Whether you like it or not, the truth is you work for money. And you don't like to talk about money like it could cause some presentiments. Let's talk about it, but that doesn't mean money has to be about materialism all the time. If you know how to handle your money well, you can buy time for yourself so that you can attend to the many callings of your life. Wonder how? Quite simple. Hire people to do your job, and later on, you can retire early too, leaving all the time in the world for yourself. So you want to set off for a spiritual safari, go do that! You can literally do anything. Just help yourself tick off stuff from your wishlist, so much that when you eventually rest on your deathbed, you don't look back in life with remorse and tears, but look forward with a smile of satisfaction.


  1. Oi oi, it says you've been here since 2010. It's 2021 already. Decade and a year! :) Calls for a beerification. But, before that, come up with a 'consistent' weblog, mate.


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