Thursday, September 17, 2020

When the War is Over

When the war is over

Who would care about Prufrocks

If not for Eliot himself...

I would love to kill Patels tree

Like Miss Julie kills herself

Because Im Liard in Munroes foxfarm

Or aught but not the valet Jean

Or maybe Id like to let out

A far cry from Africa

Or simply cut grass like Mrs Turner

When the war is over

Bluebeard will use force

Oblivious of the dragoons

And musketeers

But Baba will cling on

To his gramophone and play

Dont Fence Me In! 

When the war is over

I will struggle like The Fly

I will buy a gift from Araby

And confess my love

To Mangals sister

By the reservoir

When the war is over

Lets say

We are going

And go enlist again...

PS:  Written in 2016 in the memory of my PGD in English classes at Sherubtse College. 

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