Thursday, September 17, 2020


Courtesy: Mani Wangdi, Teacher, Samtse LSS

I wish I were a butterfly exquisitely embellished in emerald, blue, red and mustard colours. I’d flap my wondrous wings in the summer zephyr and flutter freely under the sky lapis lazuli. I’d tease and kiss the peasants with dreamy eyes. I’d perch on a lonely scarecrow and give him a warmest hug. I’d be at lovers’ biddings with my slow, swift flight and stir sweet emotions in their hearts. I’d entice the poets with my mazy motions and bewilder the fools with my caresses. I’d eavesdrop on Heaven’s door and smile heartily because I’d then harbour a secret that no one else will ever get to know. I’d fall in love for a disarming daffodil and I’d love so much enough to let it go. And when all said and done, I’d be a butterfly reckoned to be the warmest of all.

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