Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mobile Photo Gallery

Aerial View of Crown Plaza from the High Gates Building, Canberra

Concrete Jungle = Sydney CBD

Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong, Australia

A gallant ship just halts just next to the Opera House in Sydney

One of the oldest photos in my gallery. I took this photo in 2018 using iPhone 5.

Can you hear the silence tiptoe down this path?

Just next to Scrivener Dam in Canberra

We look back and move on and this has been the way with life.

My mate can ride this horse. It's beerified.

What's it like?!

Wollongong Beach

'The Good Reader Books' at Bowral in NSW

The quiet Bowral Town in NSW

Wollongong Lighhouse Lookout

Fall...is soon followed by Spring but who follows us? Our offspring?

Nishi Building in Canberra

Kingston Foreshore in Canberra

This just came out pretty good.

Tried macro but this is what I got.

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