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Succinct Notes on My Maiden JSYB

This is a personal account of Team1Global's major meet-up called 'Jump Start Your Business' (JSYB). It was the first of its kind that I attended back in 2019. 

Team1Global or simply T1G is a platform that offers entrepreneurial education and business opportunities. They have a series of intricate procedures of bringing in new recruits and once they are brought in, they are groomed to act on their own through the provision of entrepreneurial and self-improvement education. That is the education part. The next is the business part and it emulates the pyramid model by putting up Amway products for sale.                                                                                                                                             



It was altogether a new experience for me and I could not have thought of starting my new year any better than this. Prior to attending this, I had certain apprehensions. I thought it would hardly be any different than watching the recorded clips of the very event later. However, the experience of being there is completely at a whole new level. Seeing a huge boisterous throng, I was totally awestruck, and seeing a magnificent line-up of speakers left me star-struck. I realized T1G is a new revolution of sorts. I literally felt the T1G wave all over, with goose-pricks taking me off-guard. Now I understand why my mentor and sponsors emphasized on the need to go attend this event first hand, in the very first place. 

In addition to the general session, I am overly gladdened that I could also attend the preceding session which was on leadership, chiefly for the leaders in this business. Thanks to my mentor and sponsors who deemed I was ready to get the most out of that too. 

The first couple onstage was Ajaya and Madhumita. Young but highly successful, and they had that special presence onstage that moved me instantaneously. They not only possessed a gift of gaff but also, had an excellent sense of ethos, pathos and logos. One of the highlights of what Ajaya said will remain indelibly etched on the annals of my memories: “My manager owns a better car than me NOT BECAUSE I CAN’T AFFORD IT BUT BECAUSE HE CAN’T RESIST IT”.  

The couple talked about mentorship, positive self-talk, building a shield, ownership, self-image, and value time. While each of these is important, I felt mentorship, positive self-talk, and value time are more pertinent to me at this point in my life. Mentorship wakes us up from living a life of lies and put us back on track which leads us to the realization of our much-coveted but less-pursued dreams and aspirations. It sets us on fire and grooms us so well that we are amply shielded with an arsenal of positive attributes and vibes that the force of negation this world lashes at us stands no chance.  

Positive self-talk reminded me of the classical conditioning theories that I studied in my undergrad which basically means we can condition our responses irrespective of the stimuli (through positive reinforcement). It is clearly displayed in the Bollywood blockbuster “3 Idiots” where the lead characters keep saying “All’s well” and gently rubbed over their left chests (supposedly where the heart is located) every time they came across difficulties. They said that our hearts freak out easily because they are cowards, but they can be easily fooled too. So the best way to fool them is by convincing them that everything is alright even when it is not. Rashmi, in one of his audios also shows us some of the positive self-talk we can do. I always do this. I just talk with myself. I look at the mirror and say, “Tashi, you are the best!” and I hear a roar of laughter coming from behind (of course, from my wife), but that does not stop me. I am glad that now she understands why I do this. 

And time management is the master-key that can unlock all the mysteries of our problems in life. Every problem in our lives one or the other way rises from the ill-management of time. Everyone gets just 24 hours regardless of one’s social standing, creed or ethnicity. It is quite sad to note that time is what everybody takes for granted, and it worries me a great deal that I am no different in time management. Watching the 2011 Hollywood film “In Time” starring Justin Timberlake made me realize how we are uncontrollably governed by time. But, it is Madhumita’s insight into creating 15 minutes time pockets that I think opened my ways. It is simple but something I have never realized that I could have thought about that too. It is going to make my assignment time a lot easier and manageable this coming semester. In addition, the Eisenhower goal setting formula is bound to make my time management a lot beautiful experience. 

Hemant and Smitha followed next brightening up the stage all the more. One best thing that Hemant said was the difference between LIFTERS and LIMITERS, and spelt out that we ought to lift ourselves and be our own best cheerleaders. The couple also made it clear that “Life is only getting busier and tougher, and if you can’t do it today (build your business), forget about tomorrow.”

Samir and Jasmine had the audience glued with their let’s-get-down-to-business attitude. They dexterously dissected the model this business is set and operates on and explained each segment in strings of eloquence. I am looking forward to seeing this clip released on the T1G website and revisit it all over. 

Lastly, I would like to add some random picks:

“A group of sheep led by a lion can beat a group of lions led by a sheep”-Hemant & Smitha

“You make a noise and sheep run. You make a noise and lions come.”-Hemant & Smitha

“In this arena, you are the one who’s adding value in others and not the other way round”- Ajaya & Madhumita

“You can’t have coaching before mentorship.”- Ajaya & Madhumita

“Failure is a success in disguise.” – Ajaya & Madhumita

“Go-givers vs go-getters”

“Until you are free in thoughts, freedom of speech doesn’t mean anything.”

“Your purpose needs to evolve over time.” -Smitha

“If you don’t have a dream dying for, you will not have a life living for.”- Hemant

“Every decision you make is attached to your lack of money.”

“PHD: People Headed to Diamonds.” I remember my friend saying that it stands for Permanent Head Damage. I am not sure if I will ever go PHD in the latter sense, but I can and I will in the former sense. 

And the panel talks added a lot of values. They simply displayed the level of commitment and passion for this business. More so, they revealed their understanding of this business. 

Wrapping it up, I am just reminded of someone who said, “JSYB actually stands for Just Start Your Business. So just JUMP START” and I found it so so true. 

Mr Prabir in full command in one of the monthly meets.  

Pointing to the stage, my mentor-coach, Mr Prabir said, “Do you see yourself amongst them one day? If you do, you will live it.” I am sure I did when I said this to my wife, “One day I will make the world pay to listen to my story.” 

ps: This note pieces my take-aways. I know some lines are quite corny but I decided to put them up regardless. However, it is not that I didn't edit out some (cornier ones). The catch is I am no more a part of this platform for I had quit it for personal reasons. But, I must admit that I liked the education part a lot and it helped me a great deal in finding 'clarity' in my life. 

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