Sunday, August 23, 2020

How did I become a Multi-Trillionaire?

When Dr Solomon Wang (Motivational Speaker based in Nebraska, USA) visited schools across Bhutan giving teachers motivational talks between 2016 and 17, he also had some brain-breaks between his sessions prepared to keep the audience hooked until the end. One of them was a general quiz session. There were about a few hundred teachers housed inside the multi-purpose hall at Samtse Higher Secondary School, and I happened to be one of the lucky attendees. 

As I said, one of the fun activities was a general quiz. It had a handful of questions thrown out to the crowd, and we were to answer them in our notepads. It was then followed by self-assessment as Dr Wang revealed the answers one by one. He hastened to add that he had his full trust and faith in us while we self-assessed answers and marked ourselves. I’d wondered why not; it’s a part of teacher’s job, after all. So as the results were declared, I happened to win this Zimbabwean note, and he added that I was then a “multi-trillionaire”.

Come back tomorrow to count the zeroes again!

Yes, it's legit: One Hundred Trillion Dollars!

*A resounding round of applause* and giggles. 


So if you’ve been thinking that Id become super-rich since then, the answer is yes. I haven’t spent a single cent yet. But, here’s a catch: first off, it was just a fun activity! And next, if Id really thought of converting it to the US dollars, Dr Wang told me I had to pay $4 as an exchange fee in return for a mere $1. It’s like I lose both this note and $3 for nothing. If I’d done that, how would have I been different from the legend Meymey Haylay Haylay*? But, forgetting all that, I’m still and the only multi-trillionaire that Forbes doesn’t yet know about. 


*A popular Bhutanese folktale where a man called Meymey Haylay Haylay keeps bartering his superior stuff with some inferior ones until at last, he's left with nothing. It's also used as an expression to connote that someone's up with a foolish scheme that will desert himself at the end.


  1. That’s something I didn’t know about 100 trillion dollar. Should have tried to exchange with AUD 😂

    1. I could prob do that...but not at the expense of a coke and a burger at the maccas or Hungryjacks. 😁


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